Miller Creek Construction


Miller Creek is under construction from approximately June 15th-mid-August. The information below is meant to provide a basic overview of the project and answer frequently asked questions.


Project Overview:

Removal and replacement of 16 portable classrooms with 16 new modular classrooms. The classrooms will be contained in three buildings that will be constructed in approximately the same area as the where the portable classrooms were placed. The project also includes Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvement, with new restrooms. There will be 5 science classrooms and 11 standards classrooms.


Foundations are scheduled to be constructed at the end of the month. Modular building sections are also scheduled for delivery around the end of June and will continue arriving through July to be staged and ready to set by the end of July. We have a very aggressive construction schedule to complete the project in a short window of time and anticipate occupancy by the time teachers return to start the new year.




I have not heard about this project. Was this Board approved and have neighbors been notified?


Yes, parts of this project were approved at the June 4, 2019 meeting: Agenda Item 9.2 Discussion and Possible Action: Authorize Superintendent to Approve GMP for Miller Creek Project,  and the December 11, 2018 meeting: 5.2. Resolution #2018/19/06 Regarding the Purchase of Modular Buildings from Enviroplex for project pursuant to the terms of the Piggyback Contract. We did not receive project approval at the state until right before the project started, and then informed direct neighbors through distribution of this letter.


Why did you need to replace the portables?


Portable classrooms, while used widely in California, have a “life span” in terms of how long they are built to last. Our district did an excellent job of loving and using our portable classrooms as long as possible, but they have exceeded their projected date. In addition, modular classrooms are installed over a more stable foundation (improving student safety), and the modernized classrooms will provide an improved learning environment, are more energy efficient, and are wired for 21st century learning.


Who do I contact if I have additional questions?


You can call the main line at the district office, (415) 492-3700

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