Governing Board of Dixie School District

Brad Honsberger - President

Term 2018-2023


Alissa Chacko - Vice President

Term 2015-2020


Mark Schott - Trustee

Term 2019-2020


Brooks Nguyen - Trustee

Term 2018-2023


Megan Hutchinson - Trustee

Term 2018-2023


A Message From The Board President:

Welcome to the Dixie School District website!   I am proud to be a member of the Dixie Board of Trustees. The Board is made up of five individuals working towards one goal; providing the best education and learning experience for the children who attend the schools in our district.

The Trustees on the School Board have a wide variety of skills and experiences that contribute to our ability to govern the district.  We all have or have had children in the district which allows us to have an ongoing involvement with the staff and school sites. It’s hard to believe that I started in the Dixie District 13 years ago. My daughter is graduating from high school this year. My hope is that everyone has the same wonderful experience that I have had, and continue to have, with my son entering Miller Creek next year. 

The parents, teachers, district employees, and administrators comprise our unique Dixie community. Jason Manviller has joined our team as principal of Dixie School and Derek Lecy is our new Assistant Principal at Miller Creek.  We are fortunate to have the support of the Home and School Clubs, Site Councils, local businesses and the Can Do! Education Foundation.

This past year was filled with plenty of successes. Community support of Measure C has allowed for projects at all of our schools. The opening of Lohwasser Field at Miller Creek has given our students a safe place for PE every day and is continually enjoyed by lots of kids with youth sports and open field use on the weekends. The multi-use room at Dixie has been redone. Vallecito has a redesigned drive thru drop-off area and a new ‘chill zone’. The expanded multi-use room at Mary Silveria is scheduled to open in early 2017. Academics are a top priority. Our curriculum continues to evolve with the new math adoption and a thorough evaluation of language arts programs. Professional development of teachers and the latest technology bring the best educational experience to our children.

Even with the passing of Measure C, budget issues will continue to be a major focus for our Board.  LCFF’s emphasis is on providing school districts with local control and accountability.  The LCFF is designed to distribute additional funds to all school districts over time, but with particular emphasis on improving the level of support for ELL, foster youth, and students in poverty.  Regardless of additional funds from LCFF, California school districts are amongst the lowest funded in the nation.  Dixie School District must continue to be diligent with our existing resources to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all our students.  I am confident that we will come together and make the best decision for the children in the district.  We do not take this job lightly.
I am always open to hear your ideas or concerns.  Feel free to call me at 415-637-3623 or email me at

Together we will continue to give our children the best education possible.


Brad Honsberger, President
Dixie School District Board of Trustees

Miller Creek School District

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San Rafael, CA 94903

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